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Trees for the Future is a charity focused on the importance of sustainable and smart agriculture. Their Forest Garden Approach program is directed at teaching farmers how to maintain long-term agricultural processes, in protecting their communities’ trees, soil, water, and biodiversity. In this program, farmers are trained and empowered. They plant thousands of trees that help bring back nutrients to the soil. They also helped to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, gain access to food supplies, increase their communities' income, and improve their environment.

The charity is currently working with thousands of families across Sub-Saharan Africa. The program is being developed over a 4-year period in which communities learn how to identify, protect, diversify, and optimize their resources, thereby becoming self-sustainable. With over 180 native staff members, and more than 200 individuals working globally, the organization aims to plant 1 billion trees by 2030, effectively helping thousands and reducing the environmental impact caused by bad agricultural practices.

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Climate Change

Trees for the Future's training and reforestation program consists of 5 important steps: Identification, protection, diversification, optimization, and graduation. Each step is tailored to the community's geography, resources, climate, culture, infrastructure, and partners.

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