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Binance Charity is a blockchain-based foundation aimed at raising funds to fight poverty, inequality, climate change, and many other complex problems around the world.

This innovative donation system enables users to support causes by directly giving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, either by making a direct donation to a specific project or by choosing to help via their Charity Wallet. The Charity Wallet is designed to distribute funds among all active projects the organization is engaged in, allocating resources where needed and ensuring every cause receives financing, thereby achieving various goals and addressing specific needs around the globe.

Right now, Binance charity is running projects such as the Tree Millions reforestation initiative, the Crypto Against COVID fundraising campaign, the Fight Hunger Worldwide food distribution network, and a donation and distribution project called Binance for Children: Textbooks, Pencils, Rulers, and Other Materials. Being committed to a wide variety of issues, the nature of this charity is evolving, including the evolution of their own projects as well.

Location: Donations are available worldwide.


Climate Change

Binance Charity manages numerous projects that evolve in accordance to changing needs. One of the most ambitious climate change-focused projects at the moment is called Tree Millions, an initiative aimed at restoring the earth’s forests.


Binance Charity promotes multiple projects, which may change over time depending on the current needs. Their active education-related project is Binance for Children, which provides textbooks, pencils, rulers, and other necessary materials to primary schools.


The projects developed by Binance Charity may change over time. Some of their current poverty initiatives include Pink Care Token Project for Period Poverty and Fight Hunger Worldwide.


  • Binance Coin BNB
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • XRP

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