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Amazon Watch is a non-profit organization that protects the Amazon rainforest and advocates for indigenous rights. This charity channels its efforts based on 3 main pillars: The first pillar is stopping the destruction of the Amazon. This initiative aims to create partnerships with native people in order to pursue the preservation of ecological and human rights, as some threatened territories are part of the inhabited lands of these communities.

The second pillar strives toward advancing indigenous solutions. Practices such as green development are done to take advantage of the basin's natural resources, all without harming the ecosystem. Last but not least, the third pillar focuses on supporting climate justice. Amazon watch maintains that the most vulnerable people living in the rainforest are those suffering most from environmental destruction. The organization takes efforts to make their voices heard and to open channels to provide outside support to these communities.

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Climate change

Amazon Watch promotes multiple actions within their scope of reach, including ending oil deposit exploitation, confronting destructive industrial development, promoting the use of clean energies, advancing corporate and government accountability, and many others.


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