Donate to Poverty with Bitcoin

Donate cryptocurrencies to fight poverty

Donate Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies to Fight Poverty

Poverty is, and has always been, one of the most impending problems in the world. Each day there are thousands of people fighting to create or to maintain wealth, and others who are fighting just to survive. According to World Data Lab, there are more than 700 million people living in extreme poverty. This is why donating money to fight this situation is one of the most needed charity actions in the world.

To some organizations, this doesn't go unnoticed. There are a large number of charities around the world that dedicate themselves tirelessly to help those in need. As there is no simple solution for ending poverty, these organizations take on transformative action covering different approaches, from low-scale solutions such as providing food or medical aid for communities in need, to much larger and ambitious projects aimed at making a sustainable change in the long term, such as generating new educational opportunities to improve the working life, production capabilities, and income of underdeveloped and secluded communities, or developing better trading systems to effectively create a stronger economic environment and expand the commercial networks of current and future generations.

A lot of organizations now accept donations in Bitcoin and other major cryptos, expanding their possibilities and making it possible for more people to get the help they require. If you're interested in helping, here you'll find a list of different charities that take action against poverty all around the world. All of them accept Bitcoin donations and all of them are worth helping make the world a better place.

COTAP is a charity organization focused on creating and developing impactful carbon footprint reducing programs that help farmers and communities take advantage of their lands by implementing and sustaining technical innovations, which in turn create passive financial income, effectively fighting both climate change and poverty at the same time.

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Heifer International is a non-profit organization that works alongside farmers, business owners, and their communities to envision a better future, providing impactful investments in developing projects and creating market partnerships to incentivize trade.

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Feeding America is a charity organization that provides food to people living in poverty within the U.S. They deliver products to local food banks, guaranteeing proper distribution and conservation of nutritional supplies.

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Children International specializes in fighting poverty by providing education, training, and support for children, giving them the necessary tools for them to have a better future and become economically active.

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Care Hot

Care is a non-profit organization that fights poverty, advocates for women and children's rights, and works towards social injustice. Their work reaches millions of people around the world, helping them face and overcome pressing issues within their communities.

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Binance Charity uses blockchain to raise donations for supporting a wide number of critical issues around the world, from fighting poverty and hunger, to helping with the reforestation of natural habitats.

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