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Donate Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies to Educational Charities

If investing in something would make the world a better place, that something would definitely be education. There are few things as important as preparing new generations all around the world, generations who will, sooner than it seems, have the responsibility of driving the future.

In 2020, WISE published a survey in which 9,500 people, aged 16 to 26 from 20 countries, shared their thoughts on the importance of education on a global scale. The majority of them believe their generation has a responsibility to better the planet. However, in reality, there are still millions of people without access to proper education. According to a 2019 report published by the World Bank, approximately 260 million children around the world are not enrolled in school. And even though the majority of kids have access to education, a large percentage are not even acquiring fundamental skills such as reading and writing.

There are many organizations and charities throughout the world fighting to increase educational opportunities and provide quality learning. For many of them, the Bitcoin revolution and the cryptocurrency market has helped them get one step closer to their goals. Accepting donations in cryptocurrencies is now a possibility, and a very welcomed one by those in need.

If you're interested in donating towards education, here you will find a number of organizations relentlessly making efforts to bring knowledge to every corner of the world, and all of them accept Bitcoin as a form of donation.

Save the Children's programs are focused on upholding children's rights worldwide. This non-profit organization works to provide healthcare and nutrition, create education opportunities, give protection, and fight abuse.

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Pencils of Promise is a charity organization that builds schools, helps teachers, and engages communities around the world to create better and long-lasting educational opportunities for children.

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Mona Foundation is a charity organization that works to create better education opportunities for children. Their programs have a special focus on gender equality and the importance of quality education for girls.

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Care Hot

Care is a non-profit organization that fights poverty, advocates for women and children's rights, and works towards social injustice. Their work reaches millions of people around the world, helping them face and overcome pressing issues within their communities.

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Binance Charity uses blockchain to raise donations for supporting a wide number of critical issues around the world, from fighting poverty and hunger, to helping with the reforestation of natural habitats.

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