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CryptoUsage Find new ways to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Crypto Usage is a research center created to connect crypto enthusiasts with new opportunities and possibilities being brought forth by the evolution of cryptocurrencies and their increasing acceptance as a regular commerce currency. Over the last decade, crypto markets have grown exponentially, and along with this growth, new ways to take advantage of these digital assets have arisen.

We aim to present our readers with an interesting array of options to use their cryptocurrencies. We focus our content on 3 main activities: buying, investing, and donating. The companies, platforms, and suppliers listed on this website are all focused on using cryptocurrencies in one of these areas. Some use cryptocurrencies exclusively and some also accept fiat currencies.

As cryptocurrencies change and adapt to fulfill the needs of their users and investors, these assets have a growing set of benefits when used as regular currency, such as fast transactions, easy international payments and transfers, centralized institutions like banks not being required, anonymity, security, accessibility, and many others. Over the last several years, crypto has solidified its place in the world. Given its growing presence as a commerce currency, the paradigm of how owners approach this asset is quickly shifting. According to Coinmap, in 2021, more than 23,000 businesses worldwide accepted cryptocurrency in exchange for products or services. As a result, more “hodlers” are becoming “usagers,” taking advantage of all the aforementioned benefits. The endgame of cryptocurrencies has become more versatile and user-friendly while it keeps continuously opening new channels for these currencies to be used in a more liquid and straightforward manner.

Here at Crypto Usage, we strive to connect crypto owners and enthusiasts with the best companies and organizations that are part of this transition. Our goal is to facilitate the process of searching the web for the best platforms available and provide meaningful insight into these industry pioneers. At the same time, we offer a platform where both hodlers and usagers can share their experiences, connecting with one another and pushing forward this ongoing transition while taking advantage of new and exciting opportunities.

About the cryptocurrencies we focus on:

Our main focus is Bitcoin, as it remains the king of crypto. However, we have expanded our scope to include the biggest cryptos on the market in terms of market caps. For the moment, these are the cryptos we’re focusing on:
• Bitcoin (BTC)
• Ethereum (ETH)
• Binance Coin (BNB)
• Dogecoin (DOGE)
• Solana (SOL)
• Cardano (ADA)
• Ripple (XRP)
• Polkadot (DOT)
This focus was adopted considering these are currently the biggest and fastest expanding currencies, not only in their buy-sell markets, but also in their general usability as fungible currencies.

About our research and quality control:

We take pride in our research procedures to present relevant and updated information, as well as our quality control procedures, which guarantee the highest standards before adding any company or brand to our listings.

We make a special effort to stay updated and present trendy topics and platforms that are relevant and appealing to our readers. Furthermore, we diligently review every brand, company, and organization that we list on the site, covering everything from big multinational companies to much smaller organizations that are just now listing cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. All of them offer diverse products, investments, or charity opportunities. With this in mind, our goal is to present our readers with high quality and diverse options in using their cryptos.

Furthermore, we only add registered companies with traceable online backgrounds to help users try to avoid scammers and fraudulent companies. However, we highly encourage users to properly research companies before making any acquisition, investment, or donation, as the information provided by each supplier may change without notice. Also, some of them could be a better fit for your needs as they cover different currencies, payment networks, and item catalogs.

Although we have a global aim, we do however enlist some local companies, so make sure to read the complete company reviews to make sure they’re available in your country of residence. It’s worth noting that the needs of every individual are different. The fact that all of the companies included in this site have been thoroughly reviewed by us doesn’t mean that they provide the best products for you or that their investments are the most attractive offers for your portfolio. Every listed company has its own offerings and functionalities, and we eagerly strive to provide useful information to make every user’s experience easier and more streamlined. However, while all of them are heavily focused on using crypto, the uses and requirements vary from one company to another. These variations may include their offerings, the countries where they operate, the blockchain networks they use, the transaction processing speeds, and other important factors. This is why we highly encourage our users to make their own additional research on the companies to acquire a better understanding of how they work and make the best possible final decision on where to conduct their activities.

About our community:

Your opinion is highly valued by us. We strive to provide relevant information for the crypto enthusiast community, therefore we’re very interested in what our readers have to say. If there’s a specific industry, product, activity, or company that accepts cryptocurrencies and you would like to read about them on our site, please let us know. We’re always looking to expand our content. Be aware that not all topics, markets, and companies pass our quality control in order to be added on this site. As we’ve shared before, our goal is to transform Crypto Usage into the best source of information for anyone who wants to make the most out of their cryptocurrencies. We believe that the best way to make this happen is with the help of our user’s ratings, comments, and testimonials. Such input is highly valued because it comes from experience. These are some of the best and most trusted sources for any reader and can effectively reflect how a business or organization operates, what it offers, and how it treats its customers or users. This is why we encourage you to let us know about your own experiences with any company or platform listed on our site and how you would rate the treatment you received in the process.

Any information provided by our users is not corroborated and held to the same quality control as the official information provided by Crypto Usage. It is meant to act as a recommendation and to further expand relevant information to enrich the current analysis made by our team.