Donate to Climate Change with Bitcoin

Donate cryptocurrencies to fight climate change

Donate Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies to Fight Climate Change

Climate change is certainly one of the biggest problems currently facing the world. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the main causes of climate change are the increased use of fossil fuels, deforestation, and intensive agriculture. All of these factors contribute to the heating of the planet, also known as global warming, by creating a greenhouse effect and reducing the planet's ability to regulate itself.

The global warming effect has brought forth a set of ongoing issues that can ultimately change the way the planet functions and are a menace to various life forms, including humans, as reported by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Some of these issues include increased heat and heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, decreased water supplies, elevated sea levels, melting of the polar ice caps, shifting seasonal patterns, reduction in agricultural yields, and many others.

There are many non-profit organizations committed to fighting climate change by addressing almost every cause mentioned above. Donations are a huge benefit to the reach of these organizations, as without them they would most likely not be able to achieve any real change.

Here you'll find a number of charities that accept donations in the form of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

COTAP is a charity organization focused on creating and developing impactful carbon footprint reducing programs that help farmers and communities take advantage of their lands by implementing and sustaining technical innovations, which in turn create passive financial income, effectively fighting both climate change and poverty at the same time.

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Wildlife Conservation Society works towards protecting and maintaining wildlife and their ecosystems, focusing on nature-based solutions and climate crisis strategies. They provide education on reforestation and agricultural strategies, building zoos and aquariums, and developing wildlife veterinary health programs.

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Trees for the Future is a non-profit organization focused on teaching and empowering farmers by learning new, sustainable, and environmentally friendly techniques such as enriching soil with new trees.

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Conservation International aims to protect nature worldwide, fighting against climate change and carbon dioxide emissions. Their goals include reducing deforestation, maintaining the integrity of the oceans, and ending unsustainable agricultural practices.

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Binance Charity uses blockchain to raise donations for supporting a wide number of critical issues around the world, from fighting poverty and hunger, to helping with the reforestation of natural habitats.

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Amazon Watch is a charity helping to slow the decimation of the Amazon rainforest. It works hand-in-hand with local indigenous communities and provides support in advocating for human rights.

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