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Wildlife Conservation Society is a non-profit organization working towards conserving and protecting the world's largest wildlife ecosystems and areas. Their actions cover 14 various regions home to more than 50% of the world's biodiversity, with conservation-based programs in close to 60 countries and across the oceans.

Armed with a team of zoological, field, and marine biology experts pushing education and science, the organization promotes and delivers strategies in preventing the degradation of natural habitats, conserving and restoring coastal lands and ecosystems, improving forestry and agricultural practices, and supporting indigenous communities.

Aside from delivering multiple action-driven projects, Wildlife Conservation Society has been advancing ecological education and science since 1929, producing hundreds of research papers and publications, and mentoring more than 150,000 students participating in classes, tours, and outreach programs each year, They also have one of the largest and oldest veterinary health programs which provide specialized on and off-field wildlife care.

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Climate Change

Wildlife Conservation Society's climate change programs include: The WCS Climate Adaptation Fund, Conserving the Five Great Forests, Trillion Trees, Vibrant Oceans Initiative, Nature4Climate, and Intact Forest.

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Faith in humanity restored
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After being bombarded every day with bad news, reading about how WCS and some other charities are helping makes me think maybe there's hope for humanity. Keep up the good work.
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