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Bitcoin Car is a cryptocurrency-focused, car purchasing website owned and managed by Real Estate Bay Realty in Canada. Through this portal, the company facilitates the purchase of cars from dozens of car brands and from any dealership across the country.

To make this happen, the interested customer must first choose a car dealer and a vehicle. It could be any model with any specific set of feature or finishes. The customer then asks the dealer to create an invoice to be paid upon delivery of the vehicle. In order to complete the purchase with Bitcoin or other cryptos, the invoice must be sent to Bitcoin Car along with the required crypto amount to cover the full price. The company then will go through the process of converting it to fiat currency and issue a money order directly to the car dealer.

Real Estate Bay Realty also owns and manages the BTCHome website, in which they enable the purchase of their listed real estate properties with Bitcoin using a similar system as the one in Bitcoin Car. Check out our dedicated BTCHome review here.

Location: Available for customers in Canada.



Bitcoin Car facilitates the purchase of cars from any dealership in Canada, which allows users to select any type of vehicle they’re interested in: from economy and family friendly vehicles to luxury and sports cars.


  • Bitcoin
  • Cardano
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum

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So basically this company let canadiens buy any car or house they want with cryptos... unfortunately we don't have anything similar in South Africa
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