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BitCars is a car-sales platform that offers all sorts of vehicles and brands, though they specialize in top-of-the-line, super, hyper, and classic cars. With a worldwide network of experts and dedicated partners, customers can set out to acquire almost any luxury car they desire.

Based on your location, the BitCars team will search for any specific car you want to purchase and then present you with different offers based on the given specifications. They will also calculate any shipping fees and estimated time of arrival. There are however also a number of cars already being offered on their site.

Upon making a final purchase with them, the company will complete all the paperwork needed for the original purchase of the car and will present the invoice in Euros for customers in the EU. They can also pre-register the car with export plates, which will provide 6-12 months of legal use before the car's final registration is made within the destination country.

Location: Available worldwide.



The selection of Bitcars ranges from family-friendly vehicles to the most luxurious units available, including brands all the way from Toyota and Mitsubishi to Aston Martin and McLaren.


  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum

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Not sure about it
Overall rating
Didnt see any good review of someone who really bought a car there
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Great for premium cars
Overall rating
Some of the brands they sell could use a better catalogue, other than that it seems like a fantastic company.
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Nice features
Overall rating
Their car finder service is pretty unique, I guess if you're gonna use crypto to buy a car this could be a very good option
Top 10 Reviewer 3 reviews
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