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International Armoring Corporation, or Armormax, is one of the world’s better-known armored vehicle manufacturers, their products ranging from pistol-caliber bulletproofing to armor-piercing heavy-caliber shielding, all of it with the minimum possible alteration of the unit's appearance or performance.

Quality and technological innovation have always been the main drivers for the company. As a result, they have won multiple awards and recognitions, including the 2013 Automotive/Transportation Company of the Year from the International Stevie Awards and the 2015 Technology Award from the Utah Manufacturers' Association.

The company has manufacturing facilities in 11 countries, although they offer support and operations all over the world. Customers can acquire a wide range of fully armored vehicles from various brands regardless of their country of residence, and all of their products can be purchased with Bitcoin, either by using a Coinbase wallet or by scanning the provided QR code and paying with any other digital wallet.

Location: Available worldwide, with manufacturing facilities in the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, India, Pakistan, UAE, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ukraine.



Armormax offers a wide catalog of armored vehicles from numerous brands, all of them fitted with different levels of protection and tailored to cover any user's needs.


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