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La Haus is a Latin American company that is redefining the real estate industry. With a focus on user experience and powered by top-of-the-line technology, they are committed to helping customers unlock the potential of great projects and find their new homes. The company offers a presale service in which customers can compare a variety of properties and their perks, receive access to better prices in the development stages of different projects, and not to mention financing options, payment plans, and verifiable information about the developers managing the projects.

Recently, La Haus has started introducing Bitcoin development projects through the use of the Lightning network. In such an opportunity, buyers can take advantage of exclusive properties, getting benefits like discounts of up to 20%, fast transactions, and top security.

Not every house is available to be purchased with Bitcoin, though. The organization has constantly been expanding its available offerings and covering new markets, with more than 6,000 properties sold in Mexico and Colombia. As such, there will be many more Bitcoin opportunities arising in the near future.

Location: Available for customers worldwide. Properties only available in Mexico and Colombia.



La Haus offers housing and apartment development projects through Bitcoin. Given the finite nature of these projects, properties are time limited and constantly changing.


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Steady growth
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The company just keeps growing, I've seen multiple new opportunities come to my feed on a regular basis, I think it's a sign of a healthy management and personally, I think it's worth exploring their site.
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They seem like a great opportunity
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Thank you for the article Amanda! I am looking into a pre-sale offer they have in Mexico city and this info helps a lot! I wasn't sure how serious they were as a company but this gives them a lot of points. Cheers!
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La Haus opens space in the real estate industry for crypto
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Jeff Bezos, the cofounder of Rappi and even Maluma invested in this company that plans to shape the future of real estate in Latin America
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