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Binayah Real Estate is a Dubai based company formed by various industry experts with over 30 collective years of experience. The organization offers property and asset management, brokerage services, purchase, sale, rental, and investment assistance, with flexible structures tailored to customer needs. Their portfolio of opportunities includes dozens of properties in various areas and settings. A wide range of developers with finished and ongoing projects all around the city is included, complete with specific property and contact information for interested customers to gather as many resources as possible before making their final decision. Aside from the real estate services, Binayah Real Estate also has useful and relatable information in topics such as obtaining residential visas, real estate expositions, purchase guides, information on properly advertising your properties, along with investment, mortgage, and financial consulting, making it a very good resource for either new or experienced customers and investors. The company also offers personalized assistance for anyone interested in buying or selling real estate with Bitcoin. Their systems are fully integrated with Bitcoin's technology, making it a systematic and a streamlined process with all the legal framework required for property transactions in Dubai also being handled. Available

Location: for customers worldwide. Properties only available in the United Arab Emirates.



Binayah Real Estate offers houses and other properties for sale all around Dubai, including land-residences, commercial properties, penthouses, villas, studios, condos, apartments, and much more.


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