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Heifer International is an organization that works towards creating a better future for people living in poverty. This non-profit engages with local farmers, business owners, and community leaders to provide training so they can improve their productivity, become more sustainable, and have a better future. The goal of Heifer International is not only to fight poverty, but also to create developmental projects that communities can maintain and improve over time, generating value exponentially and impacting the lives of everyone in the communities.

This non-profit organization has been carrying out projects for over 70 years and their help has reached nearly 4 million people in more than 20 countries. Their model lies in introducing new technologies and techniques to improve local businesses' production and management, while also providing them with investment and creating market connections and opportunities so their financial and economic activities can grow over time, providing entire communities with a more stable and abundant life.

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Heifer International's work areas include economic development, environmental sustainability, food security and nutrition, risk mitigation and resilience, and women's empowerment and social capital.

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A unique approac000h
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Heifer's approach is very well rounded and thoroughly planned, after reading some of their material what first came to mind was: "Give someone a fish and he/she will eat for one day, teach that person to fish, and it'll eat for a lifetime" Great organization.
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