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Children International is a non-profit organization focused on fighting against poverty by helping children build towards a better future, providing support to escape precarious situations, and empowering them with skills and knowledge. People who want to contribute can give general donations destined towards helping and maintaining the organization's operations, help with education, health, and other important issues, or they can choose to be part of a sponsorship program, in these programs, donors can support the life of a certain kid and experience first hand the benefits this program delivers them by receiving photos and letters from the sponsored child, contributions also go towards community centers in which dedicated teams work to provide education, healthcare and work training.

The organization has given over 80 years of service in 10 different countries around the world, building more than 65 community centers and successfully helping over 1 million kids in the process.

Location: Donations are available worldwide.



Children International has long-term individual and community-focused programs that are tailored to the environment and life characteristics of each child. All of them have a strong approach to education, health, empowerment, and employment.

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Fantastic programs
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I've donated a couple of times and would definitely do it again, the sponsor programs can really turn around someone's life.
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