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Pencils of Promise is a non-profit organization that works towards creating better education opportunities for children around the world. Their work focuses on building schools and monitoring their effectiveness to ensure children are receiving quality education. They also build global communities and programs aimed at teachers, training them to become more effective in the classroom.

The organization works closely with national and local governments to identify communities that would benefit from their programs, allowing them to successfully execute and sustain high impact educational development. To achieve this, the charity works hand-in-hand with the communities, engaging them to not only learn the importance of education, but also to collaborate in the development of the projects by helping with labor and materials. Pencils of Promise believes this kind of collaborative approach creates a true commitment within the communities, giving them purpose to maintain their schools operationally and to ensure the long-term success of their programs.

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Pencils of Promise focuses on 3 main components in their development programs: building schools, supporting teachers, and maintaining a hygienic environment with clean water for everyone within the schools.


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