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Vave is a French real estate investment company focused on tokenized real estate assets that also offers REIT asset bundles. Users and investors can acquire property tokens to create or diversify their portfolios, while asset owners can tokenize their own properties and list them on the markets for other investors to participate and create funds.

The platform acts as a "social network", introducing and connecting investors with expert property managers who will invite them to participate in their projects and opportunities without being forced to remain in them for a specific timeframe. This means that investors can cash out or migrate within opportunities and managers whenever they desire.

Some of the tokenization benefits offered by Vave include 24/7 access to asset swapping and trading through their platform, low investing requirements that start from $10 on each project, token and dividend automatic distributions, project development tracking thanks to blockchain transparency, and maintaining income revenue on blockchain as any earnings are paid in the form of $DAI.

Vave also gives investors the possibility to participate in REIT token bundles from market indexed properties, making them able to receive fixed annual percentage yields (APYs) that go up to 9% and can also be traded in global exchanges.

Location: Available worldwide.


Real Estate

Vave's investing opportunities change with time as assets are introduced, developed, or retreated from the market. Both public and private projects are included in their portfolio.


  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • XRP

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Affordable real estate investments
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Vave is a great investment platform, I invested a small amount in an amazing rental project. I would definitely recommend it.
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