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SolidBlock Inc. is a company that specializes in real estate tokenization. The platform offers services for both property owners who are looking to list their assets in their market and investors who want to acquire shares of the listed properties. Their services are available for a wide range of countries and numerous properties, listing asset tokens that can go from 1 square foot to higher percentages of the properties, depending on what the original owner determines. Owners can tokenize a whole property or a percentage of it to maintain majority ownership.

After completing an investment, purchased digital tokens are stored in the user's account or digital wallet, and can then be sold or traded at any time. The tokenized assets generate income through ongoing revenue streams and annual yields, which can produce high returns.

Tokenized assets are managed through the Ethereum blockchain, making them ERC20 securities, and the total value of the tokens is equivalent to the total value of the securitized asset.

Location: Available worldwide.


Real Estate

SolidBlock Inc. marketplace is continuously changing and their investment offerings depend on current projects available for funding. Offered projects can include newly developed properties, expansions, property bonds, and more.


  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

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